A well-founded tender dossier with the correct technical descriptions of the components and performance of the whole is an important step in realizing the project. 

On the basis of the façade study and integration of sub-disciplines, Bureau Bouwtechniek defines the required performance and parameters of your specific facade design. 

After tendering, Bureau Bouwtechniek evaluates the submitted files on the basis of the defined parameters and advises the client on the further process.

Mock-ups and prototype installations can be useful when developing and elaborating a façade design. Façade fragments are reconstructed at full scale in order to test complex connections, the feasibility of the assembly sequence, the desired fastening method or aesthetic criteria.

On the other hand, full-scale façade fragments can be used to perform so-called 'large-scale tests' in order to prove, for example, fire properties or reactions of specific façade buildings.

RTBF - Charleroi