Accessibility analysis underground car parks

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Driving into an underground car park already requires some of your best steering skills. During such a difficult moment, you wonder whether the designer himself regularly drives his car into a garage. The fact is that estimating manoeuvres and sizing vehicles is no mean feat. Incorrect estimations often lead to disputes between parties and sometimes even legal proceedings.

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Point clouds

Prof. ir. arch. Paulus Present, BIM manager and technical designer, is regularly called in by a court expert to perform objective analyses that bring clarity to such situations.

Objective is a key concept here. An analysis based on recorded data leaves little room for interpretation and can be a quick breakthrough in an otherwise potentially Babylonian dispute. Paulus uses advanced point cloud technology and models this data into a geometrically true 3D model. This allows us to virtually assess whether vehicles can manoeuvre smoothly in the garage, taking into account specific vehicle parameters such as height, width, free height bodywork, turning circles and others.

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Paulus uses his expertise to provide solutions to challenging issues relating to the design and functionality of underground car parks. In this, he assists both court experts and architects. By involving us in your project at an early stage, you can be sure that nothing is left to chance in this area either.


Besides accessibility studies, geometric analyses can also provide relief on other building engineering challenging issues. For example, we can detect weak points in facades, perform flatness analyses and volume studies on existing buildings or projects under construction.

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