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School of arts Hasselt

Together with IEA and BOT architektuurcollectief, we are building a new school for the Provinciale Kunsthumaniora in Hasselt. The school offers secondary education in visual and performing arts.
  • Architect: IEA and BOT architecture collective i.c.w. Studio Basta (Landscape)

  • Client: Provinciale Kunsthumaniora Hasselt

  • Surface: 4.200 m²

  • Budget: € 5.000.000

  • Timing: 2020 -

  • Status: In execution

  • Advisors: Momenting (stability), Raco (techniques, EPB), PS Acoustics (acoustics)

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The exponential growth of the school created a great need for an additional building for the first grade with its own classrooms, workshops, refectory, multipurpose hall, sports hall and administration. This new building connects to the existing campus and forms its own biotope for this age group.

On the basis of the Arts Campus master plan, a clear and compact building with a specific layout has been conceived that immediately places the emphasis on maximum open - play - space that is softened and greened, as well as entering into fascinating relationships with the Demer and Kapermolen Park.

  • The educational vision of the school is translated into a design without conductive corridors and with the possibilities of "plug and play" for theory and practice rooms.
  • The steel column and beam structure gives clear modular adaptability and encourages a flexible and fluid learning environment.
  • All classroom and practice areas are organised on the building's facades, centrally creating an open space that can be filled in very flexibly as open studios.
  • Theory and practice classrooms are deliberately placed at the same level. This is to strengthen the interaction between different subjects, teachers and pupils.
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A sustainable building with a central open space instead of corridors, and a green playground with chill zones.

The new building connects to the existing buildings of the Kunsthumaniora. This sustainable and circular building concept relies heavily on prefabrication and modularity and uses no fossil fuels, making it future-proof.

As executive architect, we guided IEA and BOT through the competition submission process. We went through the preliminary process together with the architects and delivered a complete tender dossier. During the site phase, we keep ourselves available to assist the architects on call with tailored technical advice and assistance.

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