Offices Leiedal

Architect: Urbain architects' collective
Client: Leiedal
Advisors: Sileghem & partners (stability), hp engineers (techniques)
Location: Kortrijk
Timing: 2020
Status: realized

Technical advice I Sustainable construction, circular construction, EPB reporting

Bureau Bouwtechniek supports the design team to submit a future-oriented and sustainable competition design for new office construction.

Winner Bis architecture prize 2022 in the theme 'circular building'.

Sustainable building 

With the entire design team, an intensive search is carried out for an ideal grid and ground plan that answers the client's demand today and can have all kinds of different layouts or accommodate other functions in the future. 

Each ground plan consists of two parts:

  • The main part lies within the protected isolated volume.  
  • There is a terrace/outdoor space on the south side.  

All circulation is via these terraces. This creates a free floor plan with a minimum of fixed elements. Similarly, access to the storey floor is freely determinable across the façade width, which promotes divisibility. Within the protected volume are two ducts for technical installations. This makes it easy to divide the building into two or three entities per floor. The openings in the outer shell are determined via an integral study as an ideal solution to allow sufficient daylight, minimise energy consumption and eliminate the risk of overheating.

To show the qualities of the intelligent shell, different office layouts are drawn on the different floors. Functional neutrality is underlined by designing other uses on the floor plan: a crèche, classrooms, a hotel, a restaurant, residential units or studios.

The choice of materials takes into account the environmental impact of the materials, the proximity of the materials and disassembly.

Task Bureau Bouwtechniek 

BB advises the design team to make the design as sustainable and circular as possible. The advice is done on the basis of sustainability meter GRO, supplemented by dynamic simulations, LCA via TOTEM etc. BB intends to continue using the sustainability meter during the design and construction process. 

We also offer help with the concept for low-tech technical installations, circular use of materials, circular fixing methods, daylight calculations and dynamic summer comfort studies.

BB team: ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste, ing. Martijn Vyncke, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst

Architect: Urbain architects' collective Builder: Leiedal Advisors: Sileghem & partners (stability), hp engineers (techniques) Location: Kortrijk Timing: 2020 Status: completed