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​Military Hospital I General Staff

Together with 360 architecten, we renovated and restored the monumental General Staff building in 't Groen Kwartier in Berchem.
  • Architect: 360 architecten i.c.w. Bureau Bouwtechniek

  • Client: VME Stafkwartier

  • Timing: 2010 - 2018

  • Status: Executed

  • Advisors: Venac (acoustics), Sweco (stability, techniques), Egeon (EPB, safety coordination)

The building will have a completely new use: it will be part residential, part office, part hotel. 't Groen Kwartier is the former Military Hospital in Antwerp, which in recent years has been gradually transformed into a residential area.



The General Staff used to serve the care of officers and housed the staff of the Military Hospital. Excessive decoration such as floral motifs and dormers and volume play with bay windows, turrets and stepped gables make the building a combination of neo-Flemish Renaissance and neo-Baroque.

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The central nave of the building houses the offices of AG VESPA. It is a contemporary working environment with contemporary architecture, in a historic building. NV Kloosterkwartier owns head west. It will house 10 rooms of the hotel being built in the nearby monastery.

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As the building is a monument, the owners are working with Monumentenzorg Vlaanderen. 

  • What could be retained on the General Staff is retained.
  • What had to be replaced was replaced according to the original model and in the original materials.
  • The facade and roof have been restored in the original materials and there is new exterior joinery in oak after the original model.
  • The volume of the building has remained the same.
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