01 Maxime Delvaux 1882

La Fraineuse sports complex

Together with Baukunst, we are building a new Centre Accueil and renovating the Centre Sportif site in Spa.
Winner Steel Construction Award 2016
  • Architect: Baukunst i.c.w. Bureau Bouwtechniek

  • Client: Communauté Française

  • Surface: new building 2,051 m², renovation 3,422 m², exterior landscaping 6,260 m²

  • Budget: € 8.180.000

  • Timing: 2016

  • Status: Executed

  • Photographer: Maxime Delvaux

  • Advisors: Bureau d'études Greisch (special techniques and stability), Bas Smets (landscape architects), Bureau d'études Lemaire (EPB), Sixco (safety coordination)

On the site, a castle (le Chatêau), youth hostel (l'Hébergément), sports hotel (l'Hôtel de l'Olympique), athletics track, offices (la Frainette) and outdoor landscaping were renovated. The new reception building houses a reception area, sports hall, cafeteria and changing rooms.

Baukunst 140124 Spa 721
02 Maxime Delvaux 1883

Insulating concrete and façade engineering

The structure of the Centre Accueil is made of insulating concrete. According to the architect's vision, both the inner and outer walls are made of a solid element and are therefore visually and constructively identical. We investigated the Belgian market and entered into a partnership with Interbeton for the development and realisation of insulating concrete.

As a function of the architect's vision, our research focused mainly around the:

  • consequences of this material choice for building detailing
  • vapour and water tightness of the material
  • insulation value of insulating concrete
  • ageing of the material
  • type of formwork for fair-faced concrete.

Shortlisted Mies van der Rohe Award 2017

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Piste d' athletisme

We conducted a detailed study of materials according to weather conditions for the description and realisation of the athletics track.

As executive architects, we help the designing architects with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design. We also monitor the implementation and ensure that the objectives and plan are always crystal clear for all partners, so that together we can realise our dreams.

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