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D'Ieteren Group office complex

Together with Amanda Levete Architects, we are renovating and redeveloping D'Ieteren Group's headquarters in Rue du Mail in Saint-Gilles.
  • Architect: Amanda Levete Architects LTD

  • Client: D’Ieteren Immo SA

  • Surface: 67.000 m²

  • Timing: 2019 -

  • Status: Design phase

  • Photographer: © AL_A

  • Advisors: VK Engineering (techniques, EPB, acoustics), Bollinger Grohmann Ingenierie (stability, façade design)

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Looking to the future, the D'Ieteren group decided to diversify its activities and renovate its headquarters, where it has been based since 1906, in a sustainable and multifunctional way for the future. The heritage value of the existing modernist building will be maximised.

Dieteren 4577

One of the architectural objectives is to reduce the density of the site, which covers 67,000 m², and open up the city block in the image of an international group open to the world. The site will include offices, shops and facilities, as well as the D'Ieteren Gallery - while the garage activities have already been relocated.


On Maliestraat, the building consists of two parts: the first volume consists of a skeleton in concrete and steel, the second of pillars and floors in reinforced concrete preformed in Preflex.

The lower volume has four floors: ground floor, two underground floors and a parking floor accessible via an external ramp. This building houses the technical premises, showroom, workshop and parking.

The upper volume housing the offices has five storeys and is characterised by:

  • curtain walls made up of a series of vertical posts in aluminium
  • parapets and lintels in green enamelled external panels
  • a metal structure (skeleton, floors and roof) in the form of a parallelogram resting by means of metal columns on a raised platform arranged as a car park; this terrace forms the roof of the lower volume.

As the overarching executive and coordinating architect, we ensure that the objectives and the process are always and everywhere clear and up to date for all partners, and we help the designing architect with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design.

Meet our project team

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arch. Barbara Arts

Project architect
Safety coordinator
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arch. Francesca Crosby

Project architect
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arch. Anas Moutaouakil


Eyukewe Dogo

Matthias Van Rossen

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Hans De Neve

ing. Hans De Neve

Project engineer
Technical designer
BIM modeller
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prof. ir. arch. Paulus Present

BIM manager
Technisch ontwerper
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Kopie van Paulus

arch. Stan Lasuy

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arch. Tiny Vandenberghe

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arch. Barbara Arts

Project architect
Safety coordinator
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