Art project OFF THE WALL featuring Francis Bekaert

OFF THE WALL is the art project of Bureau Bouwtechniek.
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Every year an artist is commissioned to create a work for the wall in the entrance hall of our Antwerp office. Alternately, one year we call on curator Ephameron to present us with a selection, the next on colleagues who may surprise us with suggestions. 2022 is the year of surprise.


OFF THE WALL - 2 / 2022
Francis Bekaert
(November 2022)

In the act of painting Francis Bekaert tries to create an own sense of time and space, in which an image can subsist. He is guided by the work itself, discovering and exploring as he paints, until he reaches a turning point where the layers of paint come together to produce a particular reality. A reality that is vaguely recognizable but cannot be unambiguously identified as such.

Francis usually works with oil on canvas. His creation for OFF THE WALL is a first in his career.

OFF THE WALL is sponsored by AkzoNobel and Van Den Broeck Interieur en Bouw.

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