Tuur Van Dijck reflects on the challenges of the "climate roof" (klimaatdak)

A climate roof (klimaatdak) is a multifunctional roof that contributes to climate adaptation and/or climate mitigation. A.k.a. a roof that makes a substantial contribution to a better climate.
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Spurred on by Embuild Connect and in collaboration with Embuild Flanders and Buildwise, a large delegation from the Technical Committee Densification Works has already discussed the challenges, problem areas and priority themes of the climate roof a couple of times.

Colleague Tuur Van Dijck is a member of the TC Dichtingswerken and was happy to be there to help give direction to the climate roof.

People often immediately think of green roofs but these days they also refer to:

  • yellow roofs (roofs that generate renewable energy),
  • blue roofs (with delayed water drainage)
  • red roofs (roofs with space for recreation) and
  • multifunctional roofs, which are a combination of a few colours.

In search of challenges, problem areas and priority themes

But even for a major developer, the big logistics players, the commitment to the climate roof could send a positive signal to their clientele and financiers. If we could make it this far, we will have done well. The ambition is high. We want to get that ball rolling, by all means.
Eddy Mahieu (Buildwise)
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