Roofs & roof parking lots


Yearly, Bureau Bouwtechniek renovates 70,000 m2 of flat roof. Since its inception in 1995, BB can boast a unique and impressive track record in the field of flat (parking) roof renovations. For some time now we have had the trust of our permanent partners, which include Cofinimmo, Delhaize, Carrefour, C&A and Redevco.

The BB team of flat roof specialists combines a thorough knowledge of the materials and techniques for the construction of flat roofs and a current understanding of relevant theoretical foundations, standards, technical requirements and regulations with a broad practical experience. Our specialists can assess the on-site situation quickly and accurately, and make the right decisions regarding the appropriate renovation conforming to their findings.


We support tailored renovation projects for the client, in accordance with the standards and technical directions of the CSTC and with an eye for intelligent, innovative techniques.
BB can be involved in all the facets of the technical renovation, from the first findings on site through to completion and govern the as-built file, and both the quality control and budget files.

Bureau Bouwtechniek can fulfil a coordinating role and maintain contact between the parties involved; engineers, technicians and suppliers. Before and during the implementation, BB can act as advisor to the client and explain the renovation plans to the (store) personnel involved.


An inspection and evaluation of the existing situation (if necessary by means of deconstruction) form the basis of the details in the survey plan, technical specifications, and summary of quantities. BB is aware of market demands and trends. This thorough market knowledge ensures a quick and professional supervision for the comparison of bids from contractors.

During the implementation, BB checks if the work is carried out in accordance with the technical stipulations and the quality required in the specifications.

Work management:

  • management of the site meeting with contractors (technical, cost-related, organisational, etc.) 
  • monitoring the quality of work carried out 
  • verification of the contractor's invoices

assistance with the provisional acceptance
assistance with the final acceptance

During the execution of work BB ensures the greatest possible user comfort and minimal disruption for all. For example, the roof parking lots will often stay operational during the renovation work.


Bureau Bouwtechniek plays an active role in the development of innovative techniques and materials in the field of technical renovations of flat roofs. Through our professional network of suppliers, we make a proactive contribution to the research for relevant and sustainable solutions for the future.


The professionalism and expertise in this field make BB a valued and sought-after sounding board for scientific organisations and fellow experts. Thus, we are a member of CSTC's Technical Committee for 'Sealing Work', where our practical expertise provides a necessary contribution to the updating of existing Technical Instructions. We participate in technical research and today contribute ideas on the optimization of technical guidelines for the future.


By invitation of Bevad, KVIV, Cevora, NAV, the Centre for Sustainable Construction and ie-net, among other organisations, the BB flat roof specialists provide training courses for professionals involved in the design, execution and/or management of flat roofs.