Façades & terraces


The Bureau Bouwtechniek renovation experts combine a thorough knowledge of materials and techniques, a current understanding of relevant theoretical foundations, standards, technical regulations and laws with a broad practical experience. They can quickly and accurately assess the situation on site and in accordance with their findings, make informative decisions regarding the appropriate renovation.


BB supervises renovation projects tailored to the client´s needs, in accordance with the CSTC standards and technical directions and with an eye for intelligent, innovative technologies.
BB can be involved in all aspects of the technical renovation, from the first findings on site through to completion, and manage both the as-built file and the administrative file, for quality control and budget monitoring.

Bureau Bouwtechniek can fulfil a coordinating role and maintain contact between the parties involved; engineers, technicians and suppliers. 
Before and during the implementation, BB can act as an advisor to the client and explain the renovation plans to the Associations of Co-Owners.



Visual inspection and inventory of the current situation:

  • inspection and evaluation of the existing condition of terraces and façades (defects, technical difficulties, parapets, window connections, etc.) with the aid of binoculars, digital appliances and telephoto lens cameras; 
  • processing the data in a collective inventory with drawings and photographs – classification and interpretation of the collected data; 
  • evaluation of the necessity for additional visual inspection by means of a crane.

File study and scientific tests:

  • examination of the façade construction 
  • detection of concrete decay 
  • analysis of the previous façade renovations and preliminary stability study 
  • evaluation of the necessity for additional scientific tests and sample taking for stone strength / porosity and structural façade construction.

Writing-up an inspection report:

  • analysis of the possible causes of the damage 
  • formulation of the optimal renovation procedure 
  • proposal of strategy and approach regarding the drafting of the execution dossier, the tender and site supervision


  • drafting the tender specifications after consultation with the clients 
  • comparison of the contractors´ bids

During the implementation, BB checks whether or not the work is carried out in accordance with the technical stipulations and the quality required in the specifications.

Supervision of the work: 

  • management of the site meeting with contractors (technical, cost-related, organisational, etc.) – supervision of the quality of executed work 
  • verification of the contractor's invoices

assistance with the provisional acceptance
assistance with the final acceptance