Integral sustainability advice


Bureau Bouwtechniek strives for high-quality, sustainable, future-oriented buildings. The starting point for this is the desired and/or expected lifespan of (all parts of) the building. This lifespan is the essential starting point for making further choices.

Preferably, Bureau Bouwtechniek's sustainability advisors sit at the table from the very start of the sketch design. Qualitative advice and a few clear guidelines in this early phase limit the need for changes in subsequent phases.

Also in further design phases, Bureau Bouwtechniek advises the entire project team in more and more detail regarding, among other things 

  • a pleasant indoor climate,  
  • accessibility,  
  • user influence,  
  • energy performance,  
  • material use, 
  • water use,  
  • ambient influences,  
  • quality,  
  • maintenance friendliness,  
  • multifunctionality  
  • and future adaptability of the project using, for example, handy checklists. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek tries to deal as sensibly as possible with sustainability and sustainability meters. BB stimulates the use of sustainability meter GRO by its partners and helps the Flemish government to continue to improve it. GRO is a manual developed by Het Facilitair Bedrijf with the ambition to arrive at future-oriented buildings through an integrated design process.


In addition to all efforts during design, construction and reception, Bureau Bouwtechniek also ensures that building users are properly trained so that all investments and choices made by the building team ensure a qualitatively sustainable building, even during the use phase. Information in the PID, BIM model and materials passport stimulates repair, reuse and recycling until many years after delivery.

Knowledge sharing 

Bureau Bouwtechniek stimulates the construction sector to build qualitatively and shares knowledge and insights with universities, CeDuBo, Vlaanderen Circulair, ie-net, Pixii, the BVA, the NAV, the WTCB and the VCB. 

BB is aware of the applicable standards and laws. BB often collaborates on the obligations of tomorrow, making its employees one of the first to master them.