EPB advice and reporting


In Belgium, new construction and renovation projects must comply with the Energy Performance and Indoor Climate (EPB) regulations as early as 2006. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek has EPB reporters who, in Flanders as well as in Brussels, assist the permit requirement and the design team.

Bureau Bouwtechniek offers an EPB report in which detailed advice is provided during the design phase. This means that BB formulates the necessary recommendations in the period between preliminary draft and final design in order to achieve the desired objectives. 

BB tries to do this:

  • translate the EPB legislation within the architectural choices. 
  • to keep the technical complexities to a minimum. 
  • provide sustainable advice with an eye to the future. 
  • to achieve better comfort for the users. In addition, 

BB's EPB reporter will visit the site during the execution of the works in order to provide the necessary advice on site. 
Finally, the EPB reporter is responsible for the correct reporting of the actual situation, based on the information provided.

The EPB reporters of Bureau Bouwtechniek master the advantages and disadvantages of the EPB software and discuss them with VEKA during their consultations with the sector.

Ventilation reporting 

For residential building applications from 2016 onwards, it is obligatory in Flanders to appoint an accredited ventilation reporter in addition to the EPB reporter. This applies to new buildings and major energy renovations. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek is happy to assist the building team as ventilation coordinator and draws up the ventilation preliminary design.

Feasibility study for renewable energy 

Since 2007, it has been obligatory in Flanders for new buildings with a total usable floor area of more than 1,000m² to investigate (or have investigated) the feasibility of alternative energy systems. This is primarily to inform building owners about the possible techniques, subsidies and feasibility of the various alternative energy systems. It is in their interest to carry out this research already during the design phase, so that the final design can take all the results into account.

In Brussels, the preparation of the renewable energy feasibility study is mandatory for all new buildings, regardless of the floor area, and for newly assimilated or heavily renovated buildings with a total usable floor area of more than 5,000m². The preparation of the integrated renewable energy feasibility study is mandatory for new assimilated or heavily refurbished buildings with a total useful floor area over 10,000m².

The multidisciplinary BB experts are happy to take on this task.