Energy feasibility study

As part of a broader feasibility study or as a separate assignment, Bureau Bouwtechniek can draw up an energy feasibility study for your new construction or renovation project, in which 

  • the building envelope measures,  
  • the ventilation system  
  • and energy technologies (including renewable energy).  

In function of the total cost over the lifetime of the building, the various building parameters are optimised.

Immovable heritage 

Specifically for immovable heritage, Bureau Bouwtechniek can draw up an 'energy audit of immovable heritage', within the framework of the heritage premium by the Agency for Immovable Heritage (Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed):

  • an analysis of the existing building,  
  • recommendations based on an impact analysis on heritage value,  
  • a risk analysis of the construction and user comfort  
  • and a cost-benefit analysis. 

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Renewable energy 

There are many possibilities in the search for sustainable technical installations with renewable energy sources. 

BB can carry out feasibility studies on renewable energy in Brussels and Flanders, which are administratively required under the EPB regulations, but can also carry out a study on renewable energy tailored to the demand and the project.

In these studies, a wide range of tools and disciplines can be used, together with BB's tailor-made approach, to arrive at concrete and realistic advice.