Building Physical Advice

Awareness of the building physics principles is essential for a structurally correct detailing of the construction in order to avoid moisture damage and comfort nuisance. 

In addition to an analysis of human comfort at local or building level, Bureau Bouwtechniek provides building physics advice at the level of the construction detail.

The hygrothermal behaviour (heat-moisture-air) of building shell components and nodes can be examined and evaluated using specialised software (WUFI 1D or 2D) to evaluate the dehydration potential of the structure, the risk of internal condensation, surface condensation, wood rot and mould formation. 

The thermal performance of building envelope components, from composite walls over window profiles to nodes, can also be calculated using specialised software (Trisco and Bisco).

In situ, Bureau Bouwtechniek can carry out a thermographic analysis of the building envelope, possibly in combination with thermal calculations. With a blowerdoor test BB can look for air leaks in the building envelope of existing or new buildings. 

The indoor air quality can also be examined with one of the measuring devices. The outdoor and indoor climate can even be monitored over the long term using data loggers

BB has various moisture meters at its disposal to establish findings in the light of consultancy assignments and expert assessments.

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