Sustainable building I Energy and comfort

Vision and approach

Bureau Bouwtechniek is a pioneer in the field of energy-efficient and passive buildings. BB is convinced that sustainability is not limited to energy and wants to be innovative and leading in the broad context of the concept of sustainability. 

A sustainable building is a building 

  • at the right location, 
  • with deliberately positioned transparent openings, 
  • with low energy and water consumption 
  • and minimal environmental impact during all phases, from extraction of raw materials to dismantling or demolition.

Bureau Bouwtechniek opts for a multidisciplinary, integral approach. The recommendations are a balance between :

  • design ambitions, 
  • energy efficiency, 
  • cost-benefit, 
  • comfort, 
  • use of materials 
  • and building management. 

Both at the level of the building and at that of the building detailing. BB searches for solutions in accordance with an inherent and logical vision of sustainability.

Bureau Bouwtechniek always provides custom-made advice. Sustainable insertion is defined per project, taking into account its ambitions. Advice can also be provided in the early (design) stage of the project process. The earlier in the process the motivated sustainability advisors can give instructions, the better sustainability is incorporated in the end result.


Bureau Bouwtechniek has an enthusiastic team of well-trained and experienced specialists who can be deployed across a wide range of assignment contexts with regard to sustainable building, energy and comfort:

These advice and studies can be provided as part of a collaboration in a multidisciplinary design team, but also directly to building managers or owners, for example in the context of a future renovation.


The unique and diverse composition of our team allows complex studies and recommendations to be entirely handled in-house.
It is Bureau Bouwtechniek's ambition to be a leader in this field and seeks to achieve this by following courses, scientific conferences, participating in CSTC's technical committees and taking part in research projects in collaboration with universities.