Safety coordination

In Belgium, a safety coordinator is required when at least two contractors carry out work simultaneously or sequentially at the same site. This rule applies both during the design phase and the implementation. For sites over 500 m2, the client appoints the safety coordinator. In other cases, the appointment can be by the client or the project supervisor entrusted with the design.

Bureau Bouwtechniek has a very well trained and experienced team of safety coordinators which can oversee safety and well-being both during the design phase and the implementation stage.

Safety coordination is carried out within the context of collaboration in a multidisciplinary team, but can also be ordered as a separate instruction.

Job description

In the design phase, the safety coordinator detects and studies risks to the architectural, technical and organisational elements and bases a health and safety plan on these findings. He creates a file which is adjusted to the construction's characteristics, with notification of the relevant health and safety data which must be taken into account in case of possible subsequent work.

The safety coordinator drafts a health and safety plan that is recorded in the tender file and which the contractor needs to take into account when preparing his bid. From the design, it is carefully considered how the building maintenance can be carried out safely.

During the work, the coordinator checks whether the proposed preventive measures are respected and he coordinates the contractors' planning in terms of mutual risks. He sensitizes them regarding their own safety and that of colleagues so that work accidents are minimized. The safety coordinator reports are combined in a coordination journal.

At the end of his assignment (at the provisional acceptance), he presents a post intervention file to the client containing all the relevant information and all the measures to be taken in case of future maintenance or reconstruction work.

BB is a member of various professional networks, including Prebes and WODCA, where field knowledge and practical experiences are shared and discussed.

At the invitation of BEVAD, BB has co-authored the new handbook 'Fireproof work during roof sealing jobs', which will be published shortly.

BB gives lectures and presentations on legislation and regulations for the appointment of a safety coordinator, following the Royal Decree of 19 January 2005, on temporary and mobile construction sites, and is guest lecturer at Ehsal and Cresept for the building risks and safety coordination courses.