Bureau Bouwtechniek investigates and analyses the causes of all sorts of constructional damage and defects, both structural and in the finishing work. The causes can be diverse: implementation or concept mistakes, -technical material flaws, building physical causes, etc.
Over the years, we have specialised in humidity problems. We use advanced measuring equipment and pro-construction techniques (ultrasound technique, thermography, endoscopy, tracers, moisture measurement, pigments, etc.).


Physical construction defects (internal condensation) are analysed with specialised software (Trisco), simulation programmes (Wufi) and / or calculation methods (Glaser).

BB makes a report of each assessment, showing the findings for the cause of damage, the assessment for the most efficient repair method and a cost estimate.

Independent arbitration

Bureau Bouwtechniek arbitrates in cases of construction disputes between various parties whereby the responsible parties are indicated and attempts are made to find a solution for the dispute.

BB can also provide assistance with provisional or final stage guarantees by offering advice on, for example visible defects at the end of the building process.

Conformity control

BB measures or investigates on site whether the implementation conforms to standard criteria and the CSTC technical stipulations (for example, flatness measurements).


BB performances include expertise for building management companies (Cofinimmo, Fidimco, Jurimmo, Intervest, Redevco), architects (DMT, Vincent Van Duysen Architects, Glenn Sestig Architects, Stramien), government services (Ag Vespa, De Post), BNP Paribas, Siemens and Carrefour.