Technical advice

Today, Bureau Bouwtechniek has a highly committed team of specialists with various disciplines: special technique engineers, engineering experts, safety coordinators, energy advisors and EPB reporters.

The BB specialists combine knowledge of legislation with a fundamental insight. Our people have an open mind and have the right dose of empathy so that they can customize, translate and integrate their advice in the context of a specific project. 


Some of our energy and construction specialists are affiliated with the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Ghent. In the architectural design master workshops, they assist engineer-architect students with integrated design, where an aspiring engineer-architect realizes his architectural ambitions within the real context of construction techniques, legislation and processes. Our specialists also assist in other aspects of the academic program, a unique environment in which students and assistants immerse themselves together in a specific topic regarding structural engineering, sustainable building or energy technologies. This exchange also has the potential to benefit the experts at Bureau Bouwtechniek. 

In addition, our specialists are involved in funded research projects and experiments into new applications of materials and construction systems, and our expertise is consulted by manufacturers for testing and evaluating new materials or building systems. Here we refer to the structural evaluation of various system solutions for light façades which we carried out at the request of Siniat, international producer of construction materials. Microtherm, a market leader in high-performance thermal insulation materials, engaged us for a study of possible applications of VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels) for the construction sector. This research is part of an IWT Research & Development project.
Bureau Bouwtechniek has a seat on several Technical Committees of the CSTC, which is working on the development of various Technical Counselling projects.