Quality control

The client can rely on the expertise of our specialists in their assessment of the technical quality of the building project just before and after the construction phase. The quality control guarantees the client a high quality end result. Bureau Bouwtechniek verifies the conformity of the project with all technical requirements and regulations, relevant legislation and quality standards. BB advises in terms of architectural components, the technical installations and fire safety.


The basis for effective quality control is the intellectual property of BB: this includes the extensive knowledge of materials, products, construction processes, implementation techniques, technical and legal regulations, and so on, that our experts have acquired from numerous practical experiences and mutual transfer of knowledge. To keep these skills up to date, BB consciously invests in the extra training of its experts and encourages external interchange of knowledge. BB is prepared for the technical developments of the future regarding sustainability, fire safety, environmental awareness, ease of maintenance, technological developments, economics, etc.


The quality controller provides a thorough, preventive technical screening of the specifications and the implementation plans by checking them for compliance with the current technical and legal standards.

During the implementation, the controller is your sounding board and partner in the field. At regular intervals, he will visit the site so that preventative and proactive actions can be taken, if called for.

Thanks to our experience, we can perform quick and accurate technical inspections, we can correctly assess the relevant findings regarding legislation and good execution, and combine our findings into a concrete report. We assist the client during the final acceptance and conclude the quality control with a thorough check of the as-built file.