​Interview with the VAI about city library Het Predikheren

On 31 August, the Flemish Architecture Institute and Klara will present the latest Architecture Book of Flanders, live from the city library Het Predikheren in Mechelen

On the occasion of the broadcast, Sofie De Caigny (director of the Flemish Architecture Institute) talked to the architects of this unique project: Mechthild Stuhlmacher (Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten), Wouter Callebaut (Callebaut Architects) and Gert Biebauw (Bureau Bouwtechniek).

Predikheren is an exemplary project for us. The restoration vision in which we maintain the ruinous state is conceptually very innovative and at the same time technically and socially very challenging. (Gert Biebauw)