Dimension devotes an article about the gare maritime

The treasury that makes up the Thurn & Taxis site for Brussels continues to spout jewels. The latest jewel in this urban crown is the renovation and redevelopment of the Gare Maritime into a covered collection of new pavilions in wood, in which working, shopping and relaxing are given a place surrounded by greenery and sheltered from the weather.


The first phase, the renovation of the outer shell and the structure, started in 1996 and was carried out by Jan De Moffarts Architects (JDMA) and Bureau Bouwtechniek, assisted by Ney & Partners for the stability, study bureau Boydens for the techniques, F.P.C. Fire Protection and VUB professor Inge Bertels for the building archaeological survey.

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Stunning timber construction project

The second phase, which partly overlapped with the first, involves the introduction of twelve compact new building volumes that meet the highest energy requirements and are independent of the original structure. NeutelingsRiedijk Architects, assisted by Bureau Bouwtechniek, drew up the design. JDMA acted here as heritage consultant.

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