Chapel De Zande

What do you have to take into account when reallocating the reuse of churches, chapels and religious buildings in general? Can a former church be seen as a symbolic architectural structure without a past?

For GYP-SUM Johan Geerts digs deeper into this subject and takes community institution Chapel De Zande as case study. Archtiect Daan Petri of the Dutch bureau Hootsmans Architects and project manager for the renovation assists him. The images were taken by photographer Toon Grobet.

The architecture magazine GYP-SUM of the Gyproc division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products, highlights slightly prominent references in which Gyproc systems and / or materials are used. Gyproc aims at covering contemporary architecture, interesting projects of ditto architects.

As executive architect BB was part of the design team and acted as advisor techniques.


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