​Vogelzang residential care centre

Architect: Archipelago ar-Te
Client: Cofinimmo
Location: Heverlee
Surface 6,400 m²
Timing: 2020 - 2022
Budget: €10,000,000
Status: in progress

Project support | Quality control  

Technical advice I Environmental impact 

Extension of the Home Vogelzang residential care centre in Heverlee.

Bureau Bouwtechniek

Bureau Bouwtechniek is one of Cofinimmo's permanent partners for the quality control of residential care centres in Flanders. 

BB checks the conformity of the project with all technical regulations and provisions, relevant legislation and quality standards. BB advises on constructional parts, technical installations and safety.

In addition, BB performs a life cycle analysis using TOTEM, investigating the environmental impact of the building and proposing optimizations. This analysis is part of a first introduction by Cofinimmo to TOTEM and a sharing of knowledge on life cycle analysis methods.

BB team: arch. Mark Sette, ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste, ir. arch. Katrien Van Lierop

Architect: Archipelago ar-Te Building owner: Cofinimmo Location: Heverlee Surface area: 6,400 m² Construction timing: 2020 - 2022 Budget: €10,000,000 Status: in progress