Sports hall the Rode Loop

Architect: abv+ architecten
Client: Antwerpse Bouwwerken  
Client: Stad Antwerpen 
Advisors: Stad Antwerpen (landscaping)
Location: Antwerp  
Timing: 2016 -  
Status: design phase

Images abv+ architecten

Technical advice I  Energy and sustainable building

Bureau Bouwtechniek is sustainability consultant for the development of the sports hall Rode Loop in Merksem.

BB first analyzes the wide range of sustainability efforts to determine which aspects suit this project the best.

We strive for an integral sustainable approach. The building must be experienced by all users as pleasant and comfortable in daily use with a proper balance between ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. We are looking for a balance between cost in the short and long term.

As many insertions as possible are incorporated into the design.

Durability meter
After the selection of sustainable efforts, BB will monitor the execution using the sustainability meter GRO of the Flemish government, since 2016 the new manual for building in the future. This tool allows the different durable aspects to be measured and enables us to relate them to each other during the different phases of a building - design, execution and usage. We are convinced that this working method is the key to the realization of a sustainable building.

Summer comfort
The dynamic temperature calculations are performed using the Capsol (Physibel) software package.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB was appointed as sustainability consultant at the first preliminary draft.

Team BB: ir. arch. Katrien Van Goethem, ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste