Roof inspections

Client: IOK
Contractor: Zolderse Dakprojecten
Location: province of Antwerp
Timing: 2020 - 2023 
Status: in execution

Technical advice I Roofs

Commissioned by ZDP, Bureau Bouwtechniek carries out various roof inspections at around 100 locations in the province of Antwerp.

Visual inspection
Checking roofs and roof sealing :

  • Inspection of the visible roof seal for mechanical damage, chemical contamination and subsidence or special changes; 
  • Checking the visible detail connections, expansion joints, closing profiles, slabs, roof penetrations and chimneys.

Checking tapping holes and gutter zones :

  • Checking the watertightness of the visible tap holes and gutter zones; 
  • Checking the visible seam connections and detailed connections at the location of tapping holes and gutter zones.

Inspection of skylights :

  • Checking the light panels, profiles and connections for defects.

Inspection report
The detailed and illustrated inspection report per building contains:

  • a summary of the observations and remarks with regard to the roofs (including roof domes / skylights) with attention for the entire roof surface, areas that need to be renewed or repaired and objects that are present on the roof; 
  • the condition of the gutters and the roof covering (estimated maximum remaining life of the roof covering and of the gutters and drains is specified); 
  • an overview of the possible points for attention; 
  • guidelines for repairs and maintenance to be carried out.

Team BB: arch. ass. Tuur Van Dijck, Wim Rymenants, ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle, ir. arch. Ruben Van Vooren