Residential quarter Lake Side

Architect: Binst Architects, Cobe (DK), Effekt (DK), HUB en Polo Architects with Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: Nextensa (Project T&T nv)
Advisors: Bureau Bas Smets (landscape design), Ney & Partners (stability), CES (techniques)
Location: Site Tour & Taxis Brussels
Surface: 140.000 m²
Timing: 2021 - 
Status: final design, permit application submitted

Project Support I Collaboration
Technical Advice I EPR

The development of a new residential district on the Tour & Taxis site based on a master plan by MVRDV-Architects. Opposite the renovated Gare Maritime and the park, a residential district of 140,000 m2 will be built.


  • to take account of the high density in a qualitative and sustainable way 
  • integration with the surrounding park and ponds 
  • heritage context 

Circular building
The focus of the project is on future-proof construction and the creation of a high quality, social housing estate.

Inspired by the sustainable ambitions of project Lakeside, our architects conducted research into the reuse of materials and biobased materials. (read more)

Case study
Bureau Bouwtechniek and Nextensa, with the support of Flanders Circular and with Lake Side as a case study, are developing a tool for the BIM model environment that gives all parties involved easy insight into the circular opportunities of their building project. In this way, we hope to introduce circular principles in the residential real estate market as well. (read more

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
As the overarching executive and coordinating architect, we ensure that the objectives and process are always and everywhere clear and up to date for all partners, and we help the designing architects with all technical and financial issues so that they can fully focus on the design.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is EPB advisor.

BB team: ir. arch. Thijs Verfaillie, ir. arch. Kasper Habtie, ir. arch. Nadja Van Houten, prof. arch. Jan Moens, arch. Mieke Van der Linden, ir. arch. Dana Dee, ir. arch. Raphaël Roland, ir. arch. Domien Demey, ir. arch. Sofie April, ir. arch. Kris Brioidio, ir. arch. Paulus Present, arch. Andreas Porreye, arch. ass. Christof Nollet,  ir. arch. Katrien Nevejans, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst, ir. arch. Lore Adriaenssens, ir. arch. Emma Van De Steene