​Residential Block Building "R" Site Usquare

Client: Maatschappij voor Stedelijke Inrichting (sau-msi.brussels)
In collaboration with: Tecon (stability) 
Proposed execution period: May-September 2022

Technical advice I Feasibility study

Feasibility study into the spatial and technical possibilities of the reconversion of building "R" on the Usquare site in Ixelles. 

The closed site of the former Fritz Toussaint barracks in Ixelles, now Usquare.brussels, is a new residential and university district that has the ambition to create an innovative, international, inclusive and sustainable district in which circularity plays a prominent role. 

On the 3.9 hectare site, the plan foresees a new mixed neighbourhood with family and student housing, as well as open spaces with collective facilities, and a new meeting area for the residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods with a new 2,000 m² park, making the closed and exclusive character of the barracks a thing of the past. There will also be research units and equipment such as the FabLab for the nearby universities VUB and ULB. (Bruzz)

Bureau Bouwtechniek
was appointed to investigate whether building "R" of the military campus could be used for residential purposes. Apart from purely architectural aspects, the feasibility study also highlights the types of flats that are spatially possible in the building. The study also addresses the related parking issue.


  • A targeted technical audit including the drawing up of an inventory of the spatial conditions of the building 
  • an integral architectural, structural and building physics analysis of the building and the critical building nodes  

Examination of both programmatic and technical aspects is elaborated in function of construction-technical robust and efficient solutions keeping an eye on the most economically efficient elaboration of the scenarios. 

The specific architectural requirements are integrally included in the spatial and programmatic elaboration.

Team BB: arch. Katalin Urbán, arch. Bert Van den Bergh, ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle