​Office building Arlon-Trier

Architect: TRANS architectuur I urbanism, Util and CES with Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: BPI Real Estate and AG Real Estate
Timing: 2021 - 
Status: design phase

Project support I Collaboration

Renovation of the current building into an innovative office building with special attention to the wellbeing of the users while retaining its distinctive existing architecture.

Winner of the Renolab award for examplary circular design

One of the striking 1970s buildings in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels - the 'Arlon-Trier' building - will undergo an impressive renovation in the coming years, preparing it for a sustainable future. 

"What at first sight is a dull office complex in the European district will be upgraded with discreet elegance in this architectural competition. And this entirely from the philosophy of sustainable reuse of buildings. A good collaboration with the private developers, a strong competition with a lot of interest from candidate architects and a groundbreaking concept in terms of circularity because the supporting structure of the building is also being tackled: another few steps forward for architectural quality! A game-changer in the real estate market," says the Brussels master builder Kristiaan Borret. 

Greening and sustainability

Besides the architecture of the building, special attention was also paid to sustainability and greening. The building's envelope is being tackled and the technology renewed in order to significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. Photovoltaic panels and heat pumps will be used to make the building carbon-free. BREEAM-Excellent and Well-Gold certification will be sought. 

As much greenery as possible will be integrated into the project, both on the ground floor and on the various terraces, including the roof terrace on the twelfth floor. The greenery contributes to more biodiversity and reduces the heat island effect in the neighbourhood. Finally, the inner area will be opened up to create a public connection between Arlonstraat and Trierstraat. 

Renolab Award

Brussels Environment presented this project with an award for exemplary renovations: with thorough building physics, correct fire concepts and clever detailing, this worn-out, barely insulated office building from 1970 with low ceilings, concrete rot and sagging floor slabs is given a new lease of life. The existing parking levels will be converted into a conference centre.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB is responsible for the complete technical support of the architect and the technical assistance during the design process, the preparation of the implementation plans, the elaboration of technical details, the preparation of the architectural specifications and the estimate. BB supervises the execution.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is also responsible for :

  • advice on building physics and sustainability, whereby the environmental performance of the building is calculated using TOTEM;  
  • dynamic simulations and daylight calculations for the offices;  
  • hygrothermal analyses for the interior insulation;  
  • thermal analyses of the building nodes;  
  • EPB advice to obtain an energy efficient building. 

BB will also be responsible for the fire studies.

BB team: ir. arch. Joris Minnen, ir. arch. Sofie April, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst, ir. arch. Alexander Vandenberghe, arch. Kathleen Rens, ir. arch. Elien Van Gestel, Glenn Verdyck, arch. ass. Katie Van der Borght, arch. Laura Rombaut