Montigny-le-Tilleul Town hall

Architect: bureau Vers plus de bien-être (V+)
Client: Administration communale de Montigny-le-Tilleul
Advisors: Bureau d’Etude Greisch (stability), Daidalos Peutz (building phusics and acoustics), Marq & Roba (special techniques), Landinzicht (landscape architect)
Location: Montigny-le-Tilleul (Henegouwen)
Surface: new construction: ca. 2 000 m² | renovation: ca . 685 m² | exterior design: ca. 10 700 m² Timing: 2009 – 2014
Budget: € 5.000.000
Status: realized 

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Project support I Collaboration

Construction of a new administrative centre for the local council and CPAS, the renovation of the existing town hall and the construction of a spacious park with integrated parking

In 2014, the new town hall won the Steel Construction Contest.

New building:
Despite the building's compactness and the large proportion of glass in the façade, this building has a good thermal level (K <30, air-tightness 1 n50 per hour). It had been designed as a low-energy building even before the energy performance regulations were introduced in Wallonia (the building permit dates from the end of 2009). Special attention was paid both to the air-tightness and good insulation of the building. Because the building differs from traditional building methods, this was not obvious. The building consists of a hybrid support structure of steel and concrete, surrounded by a self-supporting outer envelope in timber frame in which curtain wall parties were incorporated. The convergence of these different elements asked for special attention in the development of the architectural details.

For V+, the rhythm of the vertical wooden slats in the façade finish was of the utmost importance. The introduction of vertical elements was crucial for them to guarantee a good integration with the surroundings. The translation of this architectural concept into the actual building was the major challenge for BB.

BB investigated which kind of wood would be the most appropriate and whether it needed treatment or not in relation to durability and fire safety. It was further examined as to which dimensions would be optimal, possible attachment methods were assessed and the cost was actively followed-up. The architectural details of the façade which were worked out for the tendering dossier, plus the specific descriptions in the specifications, formed the synthesis of this research. In the implementation phase, BB closely monitored the main contractor and his various subcontractors so that the performed research would lead to a qualitative result.

Regarding the interior finishes, BB in a similar way, has put the focus on the development and monitoring of the glazed wooden interior walls (whether or not fireproof) to find an elegant balance between privacy and openness throughout the offices.

From the tendering phase, Bureau Bouwtechniek was involved in the design team and, as V+'s partner, went through all the phases of the building process. From the tender dossier, BB led the coordination and direction of the architectural drawings and drew up the specifications and quantity surveys. During the implementation, BB managed the monitoring of the work till delivery, including the reporting.

Team BB: arch. Francesca Crosby, prof. arch. Jan Moens, int. arch. Katie Van der Borght, arch. Bart Van den Bossche