Masterplan Alexianen

Architect: Urban Platform with Bureau Bouwtechniek
Promotor: Cordeel nv
Client: vzw Aartsbisschoppelijke Colleges en Gestichten van de provincie Brabant
Management School: Belfius Project Managemen
Advisors: V2S (stability), Istema (techniques, EPR), Venac (acoustics), TV Thiers-Dujardin (landscape architect), Steto bvba (safety)
Location: Tienen
Surface: 19.500 m²
Budget: € 17.000.000                                                                                                
Timing: 2018 -
Status: in execution 

© renders: Urban Platform
© BIM: Bureau Bouwtechniek

Project Support I Collaboration

Masterplan Alexians includes the:

  • partial reconversion of a school site to create a mixed-use program and public park 
  • construction of a new elementary school with 24 classrooms 
  • construction of a residential block with 30 apartments 
  • construction of a new underground parking with 2 levels. 

The school has a concrete skeleton structure with infill wooden frames. 

For the Alexianen site in Tienen, Bureau Bouwtechniek modelled the BIM model in collaboration with the stability bureau V2S. V2S modelled the stability aspect model, while Bureau Bouwtechniek modelled the architectural aspect model and was responsible for the coordination and integration between the various models.

Both the school and the apartment building were built in the same model, and are connected by an underground parking lot. The gross areas of the school, parking and school were +/- 4400 m², 6450 m² and 8400 m² respectively. In the BIM model 9594 elements were measured automatically.

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB is responsible for the complete technical support of the architect and the technical assistance during the design process, the preparation of the execution plans, elaboration of technical details, the preparation of the architectural specifications and the estimate. BB supervises the execution.

Team BB: arch. Steven Wauters, ir. arch. Joris Minnen, Glenn Verdyck, ing. Hans De Neve, int. arch. Stephanie Plas