Hotel Le Nouveau Palace

Architect: THV Onesitestudio - Piovenefabi - Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: SA Le Nouveau Palace
Advisors: HP Engineers (techniques), UTIL Struktuurstudies (stability), Daidalos (acoustics), Plant en Houtgoed (landscape architect)
Location: Brussels  
Surface:  7150 m²
Timing: 2018 - 2024
Budget: € 30.000.000    
Status: tender phase

Images: Onesitestudio-Piovenefabi
BIM: Bureau Bouwtechniek

Project support I Collaboration
Façade Engineering
Technical advice I EPR

Extension of the Le Nouveau Palace / Crowne Plaza in Brussels. 

The renovation includes both the renovation of the historic building and the extension of the hotel with an annex on the adjacent plot. This hotel in art nouveau style with geometric touches dating back to 1909 has 354 rooms. The hotel's capacity after this facelift will be 500 rooms. 

New building
The designers have drawn up an innovative architectural project with an eye for historical continuity. The facade of the missing building will have a strong urban character. With its striking bow windows, the building evokes the atmosphere of 20th century Brussels architecture and also evokes the neighbouring building with touches of Horta.

Façade engineering 
Given the specific urban context and the corresponding presence of a metro tunnel, an extensive study was set up. The metro tunnel prevents a continuous foundation, so two-thirds of the building cantilevers above the ground floor. 

An extensive study was carried out into the possibilities of combining the massive appearance and materiality of the façade with the fragile balance of the primary steel structure, its inherent properties (thermal expansion, differential settlement, etc.) and the limited foundation possibilities. 

The technical parameters are further supplemented with comfort requirements resulting from daylighting studies and visual comfort studies. After this analysis, in consultation with the design team, the steel structure was provided with façade cladding made of prefabricated, glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels. 

A detailed elaboration of the building and all its components in BIM enables the design and construction process to be monitored and controlled.

Green roof
400 m² of green roof fully equipped for hotel customers and external public with a sky bar and a 650 m² restaurant installed on two floors. 

The bar and terrace is a folded pavilion that sits on top of the building and is slightly removed from the board to create a landscape of terraces and balconies that looks out onto the Kruidtuin, the skyscraper, the lower city and Rogierplein. 

The renovation and extension of the Le Nouveau Palace meets strict and demanding criteria of sustainability laid down by the international BREEAM certificate, a designation never before awarded in the hotel sector in Brussels. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for

  • Technical support of the entire construction process in the research of materials, systems and execution methods. 
  • Advice on fire safety in various design scenarios. 
  • The technical elaboration of the entire project in terms of building specifications, specification description, financial and execution follow-up. 
  • EPR advice and reporting.

Team BB: arch. Ilse Deckmyn, ir. arch. Jona Van Steenkiste, ing. Martijn Vyncke, arch. Francesca Crosby, ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, arch. Déborah Willems, arch. Eyukewe Nicolas Dogo, arch. ass. Christof Nollet, arch. Sebastian De Meyere, ir. arch. Robbe Verelst