Delhaize Leopold III

Client: Delhaize
Location: Evere
Bolidt: roof 2049,85 m² + slope: 211,28 m²
Triflex: dak 1403,01 m² + slope: 183,48 m²
Timing: 2013 -  2015
Status: realized

Technical Renovation Support I Roofs & roof parking lots

Since 2011, Bureau Bouwtechniek has been one of Delhaize´s regular partners for the execution of roof study assignments within the Belux Delhaize Group. On an annual basis, BB helps around 25 stores, spread throughout Belgium, renovate 25,000 m2 of roof. This often occurs in conjunction with the safety coordination in design and / or implementation.

Based on a thorough study (whether or not through deconstruction) and an assessment of the existing situation, BB draws up technical and administrative specifications, a detailed quantity survey and a summary thereof (tender form). Subsequently, BB guides the procurement and compares the bids from contractors.

BB leads the follow-up to the work (technical control, -technical cost, organizational) and assists in the provisional and final delivery, including reporting.

Team BB: ing. Freya Michiels, ir. arch. Dorien De Bonte, arch. ass. Ken Coolsaet, arch. ass. Tuur Van Dijck

Case: Leopold III - new techniques
Despite the fact that the combination of foamglas with bolidrain as a surface layer had not been included in the new CSTC technical information, Bureau Bouwtechniek was in favour of investigating this innovative technique together with Foamglas and Bolidt.

The test results showed that the roof structure was successful. Delhaize was therefore willing to test this new roof construction in practice. Under BB´s intensive supervision, the roof structure for P3 was realized, using foamglas, a two layer roof sealing and a 5 cm top layer from Bolidt. The correct placement of the foamglas is crucial. The whole resulted in a beautiful parking roof, characterised by a puddle-free roof. (Press)