Cultural hotspot Church Predikheren

Architect: Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten (Rotterdam) with Callebaut architecten and Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: City of Malines
Advisors: ABT (stability), Studiebureau Macobo (Safety Coordination), RCR (techniques) Location: Malines 
Surface:  m² 
Timing: 2021 - 
Budget: € 6.500.000   
Status: design phase

Rendering: Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten

Project support I Collaboration

Renovation and redesignation of former church next to the Predikheren in Mechelen. The City of Mechelen wants to use the church as a 'cultural hub', a contemporary and inclusive meeting place.

The imposing space of the church will be preserved in the design. The basic idea is a freely usable hall surrounded by supporting functions. The hall will remain completely free of obstacles and fixed furnishing elements. Depending on the event, the audience will be able to sit on a number of rows of individual chairs or on a fold-out stand, which can be stored behind a curtain at various points. Standing receptions or table seating can also be provided.

Next to the city library
All additions to the interior are related by their use of colour and material. They are clearly visible as a new layer in the restored building. As much wood as possible is used for construction and finishes, in combination with slender steel elements. The additions, soft natural colours and the chosen palette of materials refer to the materialisation of the City Library The Predikheren.

Integral accessibility 
In the design, maximum effort was made to achieve 'integral accessibility'. The current preliminary design takes into account facilities to make the building 'accessible, walkable, usable and understandable'. The starting point is that every visitor or user of the building must be able to move around independently, safely and comfortably. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek
BB was appointed to draw up the tender and to supervise the execution.

BB team: ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, ir. arch. Marie Lievrouw