​Crossing Grote Markt Sint-Niklaas

Architect: Bureau Bouwtechniek
Client: Stad Sint-Niklaas
Location: Sint-Niklaas
Timing: 2017 (study) – 2018 (tender – 2019 (execution)
Status: finished

Technical advice & Technical renovation supervision

Study and renovation project of the renovation of the glass pedestrian crossings and a part of the wooden promenade on the Grote Markt in Sint-Niklaas, towards a solution with a better anti-slip value.

In response to the slipperiness of the existing structural glass crossings and part of the wooden promenade on the Grote Markt in Sint-Niklaas, Bureau Bouwtechniek was asked to carry out a study into alternative materials with better anti-slip resistance. After a standard technical investigation, various options were considered and examined in detail, with a list of advantages and disadvantages as the basis for the final report.

The study focused on materials that match the existing situation in terms of appearance (sandblasted glass and wooden boarding) and also investigated other possibilities in terms of tiles, concrete elements with glass bricks and specific anti-slip treatments such as a PMMA layer with a coarse grit infill. The options were compared in terms of technical properties, a sample or a sample project.

The client's choice fell on anti-slip glazing and a wooden planking with an anti-slip strip in polyurethane. BB drew up the tender dossier, carried out the tendering procedure and monitored the execution of the works. The works were carried out in phases to enable the weekly market to take place.

Team BB: ir. arch. Arno Van Hulle