Community Center Den Abeel

Architect: Bruno Van Langenhove and Gert De Leersnyder
Client: PCSW & City of Mechelen
Advisors: BSTK (stability & techniques)
Location: Mechelen
Surface: 1.185 m²
Timing: 2010 - 2014
Budget : € 2.000.000
Status: realized

© Bruno Van Langenhove

Project Support | Collaboration

Construction of a new community center in the social housing area Mahatma Gandhi in Mechelen. The center not only houses the local service center and the PCSW, but also the district manager, district maintenance department and local police. The community center Abeel is the new home of the local clubs and party hall.

Materials with a quiet color palette give buildings their own strong architectural identity; a warm colored facing brick alternates with wooden joinery. The interior of the building is functioning initially as a neutral robust base, made up of materials such as concrete, plaster, epoxy and exposed ventilation pipes. The fixed furniture, joinery and loose decoration enrich that industrial look with a consistent color palette and warm materials such as wood, plywood, wood-wool cement and HPL.

With E60 and K35 the center meets the sustainability criteria of VIPA. That is partly due to energy saving lighting products with the FSC label, an air group with heat recovery and modulating high efficiency gas boilers. 

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
BB is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of VLDL architects from the tendering phase. BB is responsible for technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the implementation plans, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the implementation.

Team BB: ir. arch. Sebastiaan Schelfaut, arch. Mark Sette