City library The Predikheren

Architect: Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten (Rotterdam) with Callebaut architecten and Bureau Bouwtechniek 
Client: Stad Mechelen    
Advisors: ABT (stability), Studiebureau Macobo (EPB, Safety Coordination), RCR (techniques)  
Location: Mechelen  
Surface:  6.000 m²   
Timing: 2011 -  2019 
Budget: € 22.000.000      
Phase 0: Protection and conservation works: completed
Phase A/B: Monastery and monastery wall: roof and facade restoration: completed
Phase C: Reallocation, restoration and decoration Monastery: completed
Phase D: Church: roof, facade and interior works: in preparation

© Luuk Kramer
© Sarah Blee
© renders: Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten

Project Support I Collaboration
Project Support I Process management


Winner of the ARC19 Interieur Award.
Honourable mention Belgian Building Award 2022 in the category Redevelopment.

Construction of a contemporary library in baroque walls. The Predikheren Monastery in Mechelen, built in the 17th century has been empty since 1975. The impressive ruin is, together with the new Holocaust Museum, the new Kaserne Dossin and Tinelpark part of the Tinelsite, an ambitious development on the outskirts of downtown. The monumental building is being restored in 4 successive phases and given a new use as a public library and meeting place for the residents of the city of Mechelen.

Restoration and architectural interventions.
The character of monastery and church as a particular ruin is fully respected and serves as a starting point for the restoration and decoration as city library. All restorative and structural interventions aim at preserving historical material and keep the various historical layers of time readable, respecting valuable existing fragments, for the spaciousness, the atmosphere and the present condition.

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
Process management
After the preliminary study the city and the subsidizing authorities togehter with the design team decided to split the project into four phases. A condition of this agreement is that everary year a stage has to be tendered. As a result, the different stages will be carried out partially simultaniously.

Bureau Bouwtechniek takes up the role of process manager. In a preparatory phase, the process manager generates administrative, structural, organizational, planning and financial information for the project. On the basis of these data, BB represents a detailed process chart with a realistic timing and clear division of tasks for each phase. BB monitors the intended result, the planned budget and the anticipated timing.

Bureau Bouwtechniek is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of the designing architects from the tendering phase. BB is responsible for technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the implementation plans, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the implementation.

accompanies Korteknie Stuhlmacher architects from the competition stage especially in the process and the budgetary and technical development. BB contributes to the technical part of the tender documents and leads the monitoring of the implementation.

Team BB: ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, arch. arch. Bert Van den Bergh, arch. Mark Sette, ir. arch. Gretel De Smet, arch. Kathleen Rens, Glenn Verdyck