Catholic Center schools and Technicum Sint-Truiden

Architect: Architecten aan de Maas (Maastricht/Rotterdam)
Client: DBFM Scholen van Morgen nv 
Advisors: ABT (stability) 
Surface: 17.952 m²  
Timing: 2018 - 2023       
Budget: € 24.000.000  
Status: realized

© Sarah Blee
© Architecten aan de Maas

Project Support I Collaboration

Construction of a new sustainable campus with various education and sports facilities. 
The new school includes the necessary classrooms (adapted to the different types of training), an auditorium, labs, media library, a reading room, workshop classes and warehouse, staff rooms, consultation rooms, management rooms, a reception and secretarial office, a copy room, a refectory, sufficient sanitary facilities, ample storage spaces, a sports hall and multipurpose rooms. 

The necessary environmental planning such as indoor playgrounds, open playgrounds, bicycle storage, parking space and other non-standard environmental works are also provided.

Bureau Bouwtechniek 
BB is responsible for the complete construction-technical support of architect firm Architecten aan de Maas since the competition. BB is responsible for the technical assistance during the design process, the layout of the implementation plans, the development of technical details, the blueprint of constructional specifications and estimates. BB leads the monitoring of the implementation.

Team BB: ir. arch. Gert Biebauw, ir. arch. Dana Dee, arch. Kathleen Rens, ir. arch. Steven Van Hoorde