Brussels Expo

Client: Brussels Expo
Location: Brussels
Surface:  21.000 m²
Timing: 2016 - 2017 
Palace 8, 9 en patio: € 685.000 
Palace 12: € 685.000
Status: realized 

Technical renovation support I Roofs
Technical advice I Safety coordination

Study, tender documents, site supervision and deliveries of the renovation of the flat roofs of the halls 8, 9, patio and 12.

Study and design

  • Evaluation of the existing situation on the basis of site investigation
  • Study of the roof details in function of the feasibility of the concept options, including study of the rooflights
  • Evaluation of the potential additional weight on the roofs, based on the current weight of the roofing, consulting Aib Vinçotte, review of existing plans
  • Study of building physics: review and advice on the use of the insulation thicknesses under the current regulations, the regulations in 2017, 2020. Review of the need for a vapor barrier, the nature of the insulating material and the nature of the roof membrane
  • Synthesis: 4 concept options (materials, method of attachment, thickness etc.) with +/- evaluation and budget implications, impact on the use of the halls, the use during the renovation and suspensions


  • Based on the concept option chosen by Brussels Expo, drawing up the technical and administrative specifications, detailed drawings, detailed quantity survey and summary of quantities (application form) 
  • Price comparison and negotiation of the contract in consultation with Brussels Expo 

Site control

  • Technical inspection of the works:
    supervising the weekly site meeting (technical, cost technical, organizational, etc.)
    technical verification of the correct course of work
  • Assistance with provisional and final acceptance

BB team: prof. arch. Jan Moens, arch. Johan Cordonnier, arch. Barbara Arts, arch. ass. Ken Coolsaet