Apartment building "Riverside Tower"

Client: Fidimco beheer bvba
Advisors: prof. ir. arch. Guy Châtel from SSAXX (architectural evaluation of proposed solutions)
Location: Antwerp
Surface: 315 m2
Timing: 2006 - 2008
Budget: € 88.000
Status: realized

Technical renovation support I façades & terraces

Analysis of the infiltration problem, drawing up repair scenarios with associated cost calculations for the Riverside apartment building (Antwerp).

Feasibility study
After the evaluation of the existing façade condition, including thermographic examination to unambiguously map all thermal bridges and drawing up all the façade detailing based on the existing plans and measurements on site, BB made a thorough investigation into the technical feasibility and estimate of the solutions. The final report of this investigation was submitted and presented to the management board.

Based on the feasibility study, technical and administrative specifications, a detailed quantity survey and a summarizing bill of quantity (tender form) were drawn up. BB also guided the tender and comparison of the contractor bids.

BB monitored the implementation of the work and assisted in the provisional and final delivery, including reporting.

Team BB: arch. John Pipeleers