Renovation De Roma out in book

"In early January 2003, two young people stand at the gate of De Roma. Asking if they could lend a hand." Jan Moens and Nadja Van Houten remember it like yesterday.

From his lazy Saturday afternoon seat, Jan was triggered by a report on local television ATV. de Roma had just finished his first working weekend. If only that would work out, was the first thing that came to Jan's mind. And whether we shouldn't start helping those people. From that day on, Bureau Bouwtechniek assists De Roma in every phase of the renovation.

The book De Roma - The Story pays tribute to everyone who has contributed a stone, large and small, to the realisation of De Roma Dream. So too did Bureau Bouwtechniek.

We, too, are grateful that we were able to convince and motivate a solid team of specialists from our own ranks and from our network to help tell this story. Needless to say also particularly proud, moreover, of what we have achieved together.

"We fit for mediocrity," says Jan. "Projects in the cultural sector are close to our hearts. There is still the atmosphere and energy of an idealism in which we can easily find ourselves." 

De Roma is a monument for and by people. It is heritage that knows how to connect, wants to make people happy, wants to be at the service of a community and is also supported by that community.

That's all the meaning we need.

The book : The Roma - The Story 

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