Out and about with our experts: fire safety advice (3)

Did you know that Bureau Bouwtechniek also has an in-house team of fire specialists? This team makes it their business to put their finger on fire safety in every project. They do this primarily in-house by being vigilant to their colleagues. Not to worry, from time to time we also like to let them loose on another project, for example yours, which they provide with highly professional advice. 

Nadja Van Houten Julie Janssens Alexander Scheepers and Katalin Urban have found each other in the passion they share for fire. Not that they like to play with fire, they like to lay it on the shoulder of anyone who has a run of fire safety. 

Perhaps I should leave the floor to the experts:

"When we are asked to provide advice, we thoroughly engage with the regulatory framework and the client's design requirements. We go for a conclusive fire safety concept that at the same time offers maximum design freedom. If this requires adjustments to the design, or a deviation process, we can take care of both for the architect. 

We ensure that specialised studies carried out by external agencies are smoothly integrated into the design, without extra effort on the part of the designer, owner or principal.

As an executive architect with experience in a wide variety of projects, we think proactively about the feasibility of the fire safety concept. We strive to find creative solutions and step outside traditional paths."

In addition to new construction, they also like to cut their teeth on existing buildings that are being repurposed or technical due diligence studies. If you're also looking for the highest standards of fire safety, you should definitely check them out.

Take it from me, this team is ambitious, bitten by knowing more and is on hot coals (really sorry) to also take your project to the next level in terms of fire safety.

For example, Frank De Snoeck asked us on board the Royale Belge headquarters in Watermael-Bosvoorde. We worked out the fire safety concept for the monumental building and further monitored fire safety during the site. 

"A total renovation of an iconic and listed building such as the Royale Belge is no easy task and can only be brought to a successful conclusion if all team members perform their duties correctly and on time, we are therefore particularly pleased that we called on Bureau Bouwtechniek for the fire safety."  

Merci Frank, we wouldn't have missed it for the world.