Out and about with our experts : assistance on delivery (1)

The provisional handover can be described without hesitation as one of the crucial moments in the construction process. It's the moment when the work is handed over and the key is handed over to the end user. It's a moment that needs to be supervised. 

A provisional handover is not just a checkup visit. It's crucial to be well prepared when handing over your building. For example, by calling in a technical expert. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to go out with my colleague ir. arch. Jolien Van Bever and Jennifer Celis from Syndicus Insurea. Jolien had been sent as the VME's technical advisor for the provisional handover of a flat block. Even before she stepped through the door, Jolien immersed herself in the building in question. She does this to leave nothing to chance and to ensure that everything has been built in accordance with the permit and specifications. Jolien also checks that all the necessary inspection and tender reports are in place. 

From a neutral position, she acts as a critical but fair mediator between all parties on site. 

"I'm not the type to bicker. I see myself as a guide who accompanies all the parties through the forest of provisional acceptance, with the ultimate aim of signing the report... with a smile," says Jolien. 

Solution-oriented thinking and action are essential. Jolien is only satisfied when the end user can sleep soundly thanks to her intervention, in a safe and well-built home.

When asked why Jennifer likes to use Bureau Bouwtechniek, she says "because you don't miss a detail, you're very communicative and approachable and you finish everything from start to finish". She also added: "With BB by your side, you can deliver without any worries". I can feel a new slogan coming on...  Thank you Jennifer for this token of appreciation.