​Gare Maritime wins Belgian Timber Construction Award 2020

Hout Info Bois, the Belgian centre for technical information on and promotion of wood and its applications, presents the first Belgian Timber Construction Award. 

Out of 100 entries, the Gare Martime was the winner in the non-residential buildings category.

The Gare Maritime is a symbolic project, not only because of the images it evokes, but also because of its size and its relationship to heritage. The roof structure of the building has been renovated and the wood within that structure is particularly rich and refined. Moreover, great attention was paid to every small detail and to the finishing touches of the furniture, as well as to the construction of the stairs and the volumes in the Gare Maritime. This is truly a masterpiece of the design team. They have given indigenous wood a leading role, almost in its purest form, one might say. (according to the jury)

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