Expo / Willy Van Der Meeren: from Static to Dynamic

A&D 50 vzw and Lezze Gallery exhibit 18 key projects from Willy Van Der Meeren - the CECA-houss, the prefab schools, the Roelants home, the student housing from the VUB and the Willy Wagon – that highlight one of the main topics in his work: striving for a dynamic livingenvironment through the optimal cooridnation between industry and aarchtecture.

Curators: Ronny De Meyer and Mil De Kooning, professors Department of Architecture and Urban Planning UGent, curators WVDM Archives. 

from september 12 till october 25 2015
open every weekend from 2:30 till 5:00 pm 

LocationLezze Gallery, Noeveren 257A, 2850 Boom