​Does wind throw a spanner in our coastal roofs?

Building on the coast brings with it distinct structural engineering challenges. How are the typical ingredients of the coastal climate: sand, wind and corrosion taken from design to practice? 

During the study day Wind load on roofs of De Vijfde Gevel, our experts Klaas Calle and Elien Coppitters will discuss not only the wind load on coastal roofs, but also the engineering limits of coastal roofs. They do this using three projects from the portfolio of bureaubouwtechniek:

  • the recreational roof of the Heldentoren residential tower in Heist, which with its height, location and design poses various challenges to the elaboration of the roof terraces.  residential complex, 
  • The Grand in Nieuwpoort where the renovation of the technical roof of this iconic art deco building provided the necessary challenge.  
  • the Casino in Middelkerke where the sand displacement on the dune roof captures the imagination. Elien and Klaas give an insight into the design process of these challenging roofs and discuss the limits of theory in practice.
Klaas gives a hint: "The casino building is located in a very special place between dike and dune, requiring a well-founded interpretation of the existing normative framework in order to achieve a feasible and sustainable whole. A complex decision process that requires extensive expertise from specialists. A butt of the BB hand, in other words." 

Monday, September 25, 2023 - 6:30 p.m. - Ghent,

Free, registration is recommended