Circular construction: how to get started

The sustainability consultants at Bureau Bouwtechniek dream of making buildings greener and more efficient. To give shape to those dreams, they are at the forefront of developing tools that encourage the transition to more circularity. 

The GRO sustainability meter is one such tool. Developed by Bouwprojecten Vlaamse overheid - Het Facilitair Bedrijf to implement sustainability in construction projects.  
  • BB has been actively involved in communicating about and developing GRO for some time.  
  • We manage the central helpdesk and offer training modules in Dutch throughout Flanders and Brussels.  
  • We directly implement the feedback we receive from first-time users on the operation of GRO in the new interregional GRO
TOTEM, the Belgian tool for measuring and optimising the environmental impact of buildings, is also essential for seeing your circular dreams realised. 
  • Together with Buildwise, Bureau Bouwtechniek manages the Dutch-language helpdesk for the three regions and evaluates the tool.  
  • Together they developed a practical guide with guidelines, strategies and steps to qualitatively integrate the use of TOTEM in an assignment.
  • BB organizes trainings in Dutch in Flanders and Brussels.


Our colleagues and circularity experts Jona Van Steenkiste and Katrien Van Lierop want to help you integrate circular construction into your daily practice. 

They do this by clearly explaining the tools that exist for this purpose. After this explanation, you will have in your hands all the elements you need to consciously adopt circular construction.


  • Study day on circular construction: 20 September  
  • GRO information sessions, the 3 regions: 7 September -21 November 2023 + also in 2024 
  • GRO learning network, VIBE: between 19 September and 12 December 2023   
  • TOTEM training, the three regions: 10 and 17 October 2023