Bureau Bouwtechniek sits on TC BIM&ICT of the BBRI

In March 2016 the BBRI set up a new Technical Committee BIM&ICT.

The objective of this TC is starting the necessary research and information activities and coordinating and monitoring the corresponding standardizaton activities.

The themes of the Committee interest all actors in the business. Consequently, all construction partners will be involved in the design, implementation, maintenance and renovation of buildings are represented in it: building owners, architects, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and control agencies. In addition, also representatives from univercity and suppliers of IT solutions will be involved.

This allows the members to ensure that the policy pursued by the Committee meets the needs that might arise during the life cycle of buildings and infrastructures.

The Committee's priorities have been assigned to five working groups:

  • Composition of a Belgian level recognized classification.
    BB is represented here by ir. arch. Paulus Present
  • Drawing up of the exchange protocols which are adapted to the contract type or the nature of the work 
  • Development of databases of e-products (generic and manufacturer- or type-specific BIM objects) 
  • Treatment of legal questions that might arise during the implementation of BIM.
    Ir. arch. Yoshi Craeye represents BB here. 
  • Organization of training and creation of competency profiles (e.g. BIM Manager).

Soon there will also be a national portal that will be dedicated to the digitization of the sector and the use of BIM: www.bimportal.be.


BIM achievements Bureau Bouwtechniek
New Port House in Antwerp with Zaha Hadid Architects
Service Centre Leiespiegel in Deinze withTony Fretton Architects
- IT Lab and Datacenter Univercity Ghent i.s.m. EVR architects