Bureau Bouwtechniek participates in four subsidised research projects for Vlaanderen Circulair

Circular building in practice

Development of a circular model environment for residential projects.
In order to make circular building break through, we are developing a tool for the BIM model environment together with Extensa, which will give all parties a quick insight into the circular opportunities of their building project.

A circular system for facade renovations on a large scale. 
By looking at shared characteristics between buildings on a larger scale, the circularity of a facade renovation system can succeed. Together with UGent, Algemene Bouw Maes nv and De Witte Aluminiumconstructies, we are developing a sustainable modular reusable facade system for renovation. It will allow to quickly renovate existing buildings in a circular way.

Tendering school building projects in a circular way? Yes we can! 
In the renovation of two buildings on a school campus of the UAntwerpen, the project team is convinced of the benefits of circular construction.

Circular building: working together, the key to success. 
Together with Jansen By ODS, Lootens, Buurman Antwerp and Franck we investigate the opportunities and bottlenecks of a collaboration around the circularity of building materials.