Bureau Bouwtechniek participated in kickoff Schools of Tomorrow

Bureau Bouwtechniek is building 14 schools.

The first stone of the Municipal Technical Institute at Londerzeel (Teema architects) on March 19, 2013 immediately was the foundation stone of the Schools of Tomorrow (SvM) project and the launch of no less than 200 school buildings in Belgium.

There is a serious shortage of funds for the construction of schools. Therefore, the Flemish Government started looking for an alternative way to shorten the long waiting list of schools. The catch for school infrastructure was thus created and established by decree.

All in all 66 teams of architects were selected for the realization of 165 projects, worth more than 200 new or renovated school buildings.

Design from Geurst & Schhulze architects for Schakelschool in Kuringen.

Energy-efficient schools, which form the heart of a community and where the infrastructure does not hinder the development of education of the future are the premises of SvM.

"Since 2014 the focus shifts to the concrete construction. It is our objective to have the last school built by the end of 2016, " according to Philippe Monserez, Head of AG Real Estate Copid and Daniel Geerts, General Manager DBFM Schools of Tomorrow.

In figures:

  • € 1.5 billion for 165 new schools and 35 campuses 
  • 625 000 m² building area 
  • 300,000 m² outdoor construction

Bureau Bouwtechniek is helping to build as many as 14 schools:

  • besides the MTI in Londerzeel also the TI in Mol with Teema architects; 
  • 6 schools with Geurst & Schulze
  • the Emmaüs Institute in Aalter with VMX; 
  • the Groenedaal College in Merksem with HUB; 
  • Campus Panhoven in Peer with Bekkering Adams architects; 
  • Arts campus Antwerp (CBA and SISA) with Korteknie & Stuhlmacher architects; 
  • Ursuline Mechelen with Label Architecture; 
  • Lady of the Thorn in Eeklo with Smak Architects.